Trigger Warning Alarm

Addition of Trigger Warning Alarm Before Arc Start

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When the cobot is interacting with parts on the weld table, we’ve added a trigger warning alarm which sounds 2 beeps prior to starting the arc to alert the operators and personnel around the cobot system. A Light Tower with an alarm feature must be installed to make use of this functionality.

The Light Tower indicates the status of the robot to outside personnel. If the Tower light is RED, the robot program is currently in progress. When the Tower light is GREEN, the robot program is not playing and the system is safe to approach.

Parts Needed

Light Tower with Alarm -

Digi-Key Part Number: 2170-TL50GYRAQ-ND

Manufacturer: Banner Engineering Corporation

M12 5-Pin Female to Male Connection Cable -

Digi-Key Part Number: 2170-MQDEC-406SS-ND

Manufacturer: Banner Engineering Corporation

Robot Interface

The Light Tower with Alarm should be connected to the Tower Light port on the Receptacle Plate located on the left side of the robot cabinet using the M12 5 PIN connector. Once installed, no further setup is needed to use the lights and the warning alarm. The robot software has been programmed to trigger the alarm and the appropriate lights as mentioned above.

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