Being on a team by yourself is no fun! In this short guide we will walk you through how to invite others to join your team and modify access for existing team members.

To learn more about teams be sure to checkout our article Overview of Teams.

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  1. Select your Team

  2. Open the More tab

  3. Select Team members

  4. Manage Access

    1. Invite a new team member

    2. Change an existing team members access

    3. Remove a team member

Select your Team

Open the left hand navigation menu and select your team name

select team

Open the More tab

team select more

Select Team members

Manage Access

Invite a new team member

Start by typing in the email address of the team member you would like to invite.

Note: You have the ability to add existing users from your organization or invite users that aren't already in your organization

Click on the the user to add

Select the role you would like to assign to the new team member

Your done! The new team member will be sent an email to join your organization if they were not already a member. Otherwise, the new team will be visible to the existing user the next time they use Beacon

Change an existing team members access

Select the user whose role you would like to change

Select the new role for the team member

Remove a team member

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