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Beacon Pro Plan - Team Operator Role
Beacon Pro Plan - Team Operator Role

Learn about the operator role for team members

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This feature is only applicable to customers running an application like Beacon Welding.

The operator role allows a team member to manage a robot’s part playlist and change a part's start position but not change any other settings on the part.


Subscribe to Beacon Pro Plan

The operator role feature is available with a Beacon Pro Plan subscription. Learn more about all the features and benefits of Beacon Pro Plan with a free 30-day trial.

If your organization is not yet subscribed to Beacon Pro Plan, you can request this feature from your billing manager within the app. When accessing a Beacon Pro Plan feature a screen pops up with information about the feature and how to subscribe. Billing managers are shown a link to manage the organization's subscription. Other users are shown a button to request the feature, which sends an email to the billing managers indicating their interest in the feature. You can always reach out to support if you want Beacon Pro Plan and are unsure how to subscribe.

Understand the Operator Role

Beacon comes standard with three team roles: viewer, editor, and manager. These roles control whether a user can view, create, update, or delete robots, charts, parts, playlists and other data that belongs to the team.

In some organizations, an experienced professional configures the part settings and playlists then hands off to another team member the duties of running the robot. This operator may also be an experienced professional, a junior operator, or an intern.

The operator role fulfills the need to empower users to customize the part playlist and start position as needed while ensuring governance and consistency of the part settings themselves.

Manage Team Operators

Assign users the operator role as you would other roles. See Managing Team Members to learn more.

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