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Beacon Pro Plan - Password Login
Beacon Pro Plan - Password Login

Learn about password authentication

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Password Login allows organization admins to change the authentication method for a user to use a password instead of an emailed magic link.


Subscribe to Beacon Pro Plan

The password login feature is available with a Beacon Pro Plan subscription. Learn more about all the features and benefits of Beacon Pro Plan with a free 30-day trial.

If your organization is not yet subscribed to Beacon Pro Plan, you can request this feature from your billing manager within the app. When accessing a Beacon Pro Plan feature a screen pops up with information about the feature and how to subscribe. Billing managers are shown a link to manage the organization's subscription. Other users are shown a button to request the feature, which sends an email to the billing managers indicating their interest in the feature. You can always reach out to support if you want Beacon Pro Plan and are unsure how to subscribe.

Compare Authentication Methods

Magic Links

Beacon’s default authentication method is passwordless. When a user wants to log in, they provide their email address then Beacon emails them a secure, single-use magic link that when clicked seamlessly logs them into the app. This approach works well for users who readily have access to their email on the device with the Beacon app.

Password Login

For shared devices where access to one’s email is not readily available, or when using emailed magic links isn’t preferred, organization admins can switch a user’s authentication method to password. When a user wants to log in, they provide both their email address and their password, bypassing the need to check their email.

Manage User Authentication Methods

Manage a user’s authentication method as you would update their user profile. See Managing Users in Adminland to learn more.

When a user is switched to Password authentication method, Beacon emails them a temporary password. The user will be required to set a new password upon logging in with the temporary password. From then on, their email is not necessary when performing password login.

When a user is switched to Magic Link authentication method, their password is invalidated and will no longer allow the user to log in to Beacon.

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