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Beacon Pro Plan - Fine Tune Points for Precise Welding
Beacon Pro Plan - Fine Tune Points for Precise Welding

Learn how to adjust the torch angles to modify position of weld points

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This feature is available with a Beacon Pro Plan subscription. Learn more about all the features and benefits of Beacon Pro Plan with a free 30-day trial.

Introducing the new Fine Tune feature, a game-changer in editing or touching up weld points. Eliminate the need for manual robot arm adjustments by effortlessly controlling torch angles directly from the Beacon app, ensuring superior weld quality and consistency.


Challenges Addressed

Before the introduction of Fine Tune, adjusting weld point positions required manual manipulation of the robot arm using freedrive, which presented several challenges:

  • Difficulty in achieving small and precise changes in torch angles, especially adjustments as small as 1 or 2 degrees.

  • Absence of real-time information on the current travel angle, making accurate adjustments challenging.

  • Inability to simultaneously set desired angles for a group of points, resulting in a time-consuming process.


Select a weld point

Select Touch Up

Control angles using the Fine Tune Panel


Note: All adjustments to a fine tune control will move the robot in real-time

Travel Angle

You can directly set the desired angle by specifying it in degrees. The initial value will be the current travel angle.

Work Angle Offset

Adjustments to work angle will be an offset to the current work angle.

Weld Path Offset

Move the robot's torch position relative to the weld path between the current and next weld point. The torch position can be adjusted in increments of 1mm to move closer to the next point or away from the current point along the line of travel.


Adjustments to stickout will move the tip of the torch closer or away from the original point, along the torch axis. The stickout value can be carried over from the selected point to the end of that weld sequence.

Saving adjustments

You can save your adjustments by pressing the blue button on the puck. Once captured you are prompted to apply the Travel Angle and Stickout to the subsequent points in your weld if you would like. This can significantly reduce the time it takes to dial-in the weld since you don't need to touch up each point individually. The one limitation is that Work Angle would still need to be adjusted on a point by point basis.

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