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Learn how “Move Here” works to quickly check and touch up points

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Sometimes you want to double check a point you taught in Beacon. This could be so that you can quickly touch up that point or because you want to start the program from that point and you want to make sure you’re clear of any obstacles before doing so.

The new “Move Here” feature is a breeze to use.

  1. Open the part and find the point you want to check (typically a weld point or a move point).

  2. Once the point is selected, tap or click the "Move Here" button.

  3. After tapping or clicking the "Move Here" button, the blue "Wait for Operator" button on the operator button box will blink. Press and hold the blinking "Wait for Operator" to move to the selected point.

    • If you let go of the "Wait for Operator" button robot motion will stop. You can press and hold it again to continue motion.

    • Once the robot reaches the selected point, motion will stop and the light will stop blinking.

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