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Learn how to set the home waypoint with Beacon

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You may find yourself wanting to change the default home waypoint. This guide will walk you through the steps to do so.

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Customize the Home Waypoint on a New Part

When creating a new part, you can now customize the Home Waypoint before you start teaching points. Simply tap "Touch Up Point" when naming your new part, move the robot arm where you want your home waypoint, and press the blue button the puck to capture your new home waypoint.

Change the Home Waypoint on an Existing Part

Choose the part with the home waypoint you want to change.

Click "Settings" to open up the part settings screen.

You will now see "Home Waypoint" with a button "Touch Up Point". Click "Touch Up Point".

You can now go to the robot and use the green button on the puck to enter free drive and position the arm to the point you want to set as home.

Use the blue button on the puck to set the point. In the app, press the Save button at the bottom of the Config panel.

In your app, the home way point should now be set.

Change the Default Home Waypoint for your Robot

When updating the Home Waypoint on a new or existing part, you will be prompted asking if you want to change the your part settings used when creating new parts. Select "Yes" to save these as your new defaults.

Resetting Robot Defaults

To reset your defaults back to the factory settings, expand the Advanced Settings section and choose the reset option at the bottom.

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