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Extending the Operator Button Box
Extending the Operator Button Box

A longer cable will allow the button box more range

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The cable that comes with the system is only a 2m cable which for some customers does not give them the reach they need to move the button box to where it is convenient for the operator to use, especially when programming large parts.

With the cable that is on the system, it is very easy to add additional reach for the button box. Simply adding another cable into the system or replacing the cable with a longer one will accomplish this.

An easy solution for a longer cable is to purchase this cable from Digikey, M12 12 pin 5m cable

It is recommended to swap cables that the robot is powered off. Once you have the new cable, simply unscrew the cable from the button box and add the new cable. If you want to simply add the cable to the existing cable just screw the male end of the new cable into the female end of the supplied cable. If you want to replace the existing cable simply follow it back to the control cabinet and unscrew the existing cable and screw the new one in.

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