You may find that clicking the magic link sent to your email opens Beacon in your mobile browser instead of the app. This guide will walk you through the steps to ensure the app opens instead.

Note: For Android some of the steps or the appearance may slightly differ depending on the device and Android version. Regardless, it should be enough to give the general idea to solve the issue.

How to Configure Your Device

Email Client Security


Navigate to the app icon from the main screen or from the apps list screen. Then tap and hold on it.

Select App info.

Scroll down and select Open by default.

Select Add link.

Check the checkbox for

You should now see checked in your settings screen.

That's it! From now on, clicking the magic link should send you into the app.


Apple devices don't need any configuration. If you're experiencing issues, try checking your email security or reinstalling the application.

Working with Email Security

If you use email security software such as Barracuda or Avanan, then it is likely the issue. These security providers have a link protection service that masks all links for incoming emails, which is generally good, but it prevents your mobile device from detecting it as a link to our app.

To resolve the issue, you will have to make exemptions through those services for our domain: "". After adding this exemption the links we send to your email will be untampered and allow your device to open it in our app.

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