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Configuring Pulse Settings on the Miller Invision / XMT Welder
Configuring Pulse Settings on the Miller Invision / XMT Welder

Setting the correct settings on the Invision or XMT Miller welder

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When welding in the Pulse process its important that the welder is set to the correct material, wire diameter and gas type that you are using. The welder will automatically adjust the pulse waveform properties based on the selections made. If you are having issues getting a good pulse weld it is always a good check to ensure the welder is setup correctly for the wire diameter, material type and gas that is actually being used. When switching between wire diameters or material it is important to change the settings in the machine to match

Welder Setup

Under the door of the welder you will find a setup button (Invision shown in all images).

If the right-hand LED readout says MIG press the SETUP Button twice until you get to PROCESS then use the dial to change to PULS on the readout

Press the SETUP Button until you get to the Wire/Gas selection.

Using the ADJUST Knob set the correct material and wire diameter that you are using. You can find what options are available using the table below

NOTE: This the material/diameter/gas selections for the Invision 352 MPa welder. If you are using a different welder, please refer to the owner's manual that was included with your system for the proper options.

Press the SETUP Button again to move to the gas selection and choose the gas that you are welding with. If the exact gas is not listed choose the closest gas.

Once you are done, press the SETUP Button one more time and you will see the PROG LOAD indicator. When that turns off you have configured the welder. If you do not see the PROG LOAD you are not making a change to the settings. Also, if you do not click the SETUP Button until you see PROG LOAD you will not be making a change to the settings.

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