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Exercise 15 - Rotary Weld
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This exercise will help you to understand how to use the Rotary weld step in the Beacon welding application.

1. Create a new part by selecting the robot on the team and then click the Blue Button at the bottom-right of the screen

Then enter the Name of the part and hit Next. For this exercise, we will name the part Rotary Exercise

Either select weld settings from the team library of weld settings or you can enter settings manually as shown here

Click Save Options and then choose Save for this part only

2. Select from the task panel in the app the Rotary step

While pressing the Green button on the Hirebotics Smart Puck, move the arm to where you want the weld to occur and then either press the flashing Blue button on the Hirebotics Smart Puck or click Add in the app

For now, that is the only weld we will use and so hit the Save button.

3. Since this is a new part the app will ask you if you want to add the part to an existing playlist or create a new playlist, choose Create new playlist with this part

4. You can edit a number of parameters o the Rotary weld step including weld parameters, weave parameters, and the inputs and outputs that are controlling the manual positioner. See the table below for a more detailed explanation of the parameters (Miller welding parameters are shown below, other welders will be slightly different)

Parameter Name

Parameter Description

Valid Values

Wait For

Defines what the step will use to determine when the weld is complete and the rotary motion should terminate

Input (Default) - waits for a physical input to the robot such as a sensor

Time - wait for a period of X seconds and then stop


Which input on the cabinet is the sensor connected to

Red (Default), Blue, Green, or Yellow from the drop-down menu

Time (not shown as input is chosen in Wait For)

Number of seconds to wait to turn off rotary



Wait for the input to turn on or off depending on how it senses the rotary

On (Default) or Off from the dropdown menu

Set Output

Which output on the side of the cabinet is turning the rotary on or off

Red (Default), Blue, Green or Yellow from the dropdown menu

Welding Parameters

Defined by the chosen process and welder manufacturer

Further Information

It is possible to use up to four rotary positioners with the system by connecting them to each of the four input/output pairs on the side of the cabinet. For more information about connecting the rotary to the robot for control check out the articles for connecting the MK Products or any other brand using the MK Products Rotary Adapter or the Dry Contacts Rotary Adapter kits

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