ESAB Memory Locations

Table listing memory locations in U82 and the app settings that call each location

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When welding on the ESAB Aristo system Beacon will recall different memory locations on the welding equipment based on settings within the Beacon app. These settings are from the Weld Settings page in the app

You can get a better understanding of which locations will be called by referencing the table below which shows the combinations which call each memory location


  1. Memory location 1 should always be set to Synergic Mode Off, the app sends Voltage not Trim for CV process parameters.

  2. Memory locations 2-7 should always be set to Synergic Mode On, the app sends Trim not Voltage for Pulse process parameters.

  3. If a different wire size is being used other than what is listed as the wire diameter in the U82, the wire diameter needs to be updated in the U82 memory location to match the actual wire diameter being used.

  4. All settings are based on solid wire, if another type of wire is actually being used the memory location needs to be adjusted to match the wire type

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