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Reseating Cables UR10e Shoulder Joint
Reseating Cables UR10e Shoulder Joint
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WARNING: Before proceeding with this document power off the robot

To reseat the cables in the UR10e Shoulder joint, remove the blue cover over the joint as shown in the image below

Once the cover is removed you can identify the communication cables as the cables that are brown and white and the power cables are the black and red cables as shown in the image below

From the UR Service manual from the UR10e you can remove the cables as follows

Once you have unseated the cable or connector you can simply reinsert it in the sample place.

Once you have pulled and reinserted each of the power and communications cables replace the blue cover, do not overtighten the screws.

Power on the robot and initialize. If the fault does not recur you have resolved the issue and can go back to running the robot as normal.

If the problem persists please reach out to Hirebotics for further steps.

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