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Securing your Cobot

Adding an operational mode password can prevent unwanted program actions from occurring with your welding cobot

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When your welding cobot arrives from the Hirebotics factory there is no password installed meaning that anyone can modify the program that is loaded on the robot from the factory. To prevent operators from accidentally making changes to the program or installation files it's always a good idea to secure the operational mode of the robot using a password. Universal Robots (UR) has created a way to limit the actions that can be taken in normal operation by assigning an Operational Mode password. This will create two "users" on the robot, one called Automatic which is used for running programs, and one called Manual which is used for programming and making changes to the robot. To return to Manual mode from Automatic the user will need to enter a password.

Follow along in the video below as we demonstrate how to set the Operational Mode password on a Universal Robots e-series robot.

The steps to set the password are very straightforward.

  1. Using the Hamburger Menu (3 horizontal stacked bars) on the right side of the screen choose Settings

  2. When you enter the settings choose the Passwords dropdown on the left side of the screen

  3. Choose Mode and then enter your password. You will need to enter it twice to confirm that you are entering the same password. CAUTION: Remember to keep the password secure and safe. You will need it if you want to make any changes to the system such as updates to the robot operating system

  4. Press Exit you will now see at the top of the screen a Manual icon. If you click that icon you can choose to go to Automatic mode where you can restrict the operator from accidentally making changes to the system.

  5. To return to Manual mode simply click Automatic and enter the password.

That is all there is to securing the Universal Robot for normal operations.

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