UR20 3PE Switch Usage
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The UR20 cobot from Universal Robots comes from the factory with a 3PE (Three Position Enabling) device installed in the teach pendant. Read on to learn how to use this switch to enable the robot for initialization, free-drive if not using the Hirebotics Smart Puck, etc.

NOTICE: The 3PE buttons are only active in Manual mode. In Automatic mode, robot movement does not require 3PE button action.

Freedrive with 3PE Buttons

Freedrive allows the robot arm to be manually pulled into desired positions and/or poses. For more information, refer to the Freedrive section in the robot User Manual.

To use the 3PE button to freedrive the robot arm:
1. Rapidlylight-press,release,thenlight-press-and-hold,the3PEbutton.

Now you can pull the robot arm into a desired position, while the light-press is maintained.

Using Move Robot into Position

Move Robot into Position allows the robot arm to move to that start position after you complete a program or for using the Put-In-Box program included with the robot controller. The robot arm must be in the start position before you can run the program.

For more information, see section 1.25.1. Move Robot into Position on page 160 of the Universal Robots manual.

To use the 3PE button to move the robot arm into position:

  1. When your program is complete, press Play.

  2. Select Play from beginning.

    On PolyScope, the Move Robot into Position screen appears displaying robot arm movement.

  3. Light-press and hold the 3PE button.

  4. Now, on PolyScope, press and hold Automove for the robot arm to move to the start position.

    The Play Program screen appears.

  5. Maintain a light-press on the 3PE button to run your program.

    Release the 3PE button to stop your program.

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