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Creating a Weld Parameter Library
Creating a Weld Parameter Library

Learn how to create a weld parameter library with Beacon

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You may find yourself wanting to reuse weld parameters between multiple parts. This guide will walk you through the library creation process.

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Create a Weld Parameter Library

Navigating to Part Settings

Navigate to a part with settings you want to reuse.

Click on the part options icon in the upper right and select Weld Settings.

The settings modal should now be displayed. If all the parameters have valid values, then the "Save Options" button should be enabled.

Creating the Library

Click the "Save Options" button, then click the "Save and create new library entry" action.

The "Create Weld Parameter Set" modal should now be displayed. Proceed to fill out the Name and Tags.

Note: If your part was previously assigned to another library, the tags will mirror what was used in the existing library.

The save button should now be enabled. Click it to create your new weld parameter set.

This will automatically assign the newly created weld parameter set to your part and you will be taken back to the part screen.

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