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Applying Weld Parameter Libraries to Parts
Applying Weld Parameter Libraries to Parts

Learn how to apply a weld parameter library with Beacon

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You may find yourself wanting to apply a weld parameter library to a part. This guide will walk you through updating a part's settings from a library.

Let's get started

Applying Library to Parts

Navigate to the parts list and select the part that you want to apply settings to.

Click "Edit the Part" from the action sheet.

Your part should now be displayed. Click on part options and select weld settings.

Click the row beneath "Welding Library" to open up the Library Explorer.

Now you should see a list of your libraries. Filter through them by typing into the search bar and scroll down the list to find the library you want to use and select it.

The library actions should be displayed. Click "Use these settings". This will apply the settings to your part and the modal will be dismissed.

Note: This will update the default settings. If there are existing items that need the settings, those will need to be manually updated.

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