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Updating Weld Parameter Libraries
Updating Weld Parameter Libraries

Learn how to update weld parameter libraries with Beacon

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There may be times when you want to update an existing library. This guide will walk you through the ways you can update.

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Updating a Part's Library

Navigate to the parts list and select the part with the library to update.

Click on the part options icon in the upper right and select Weld Settings.

Confirm that the library is the one you want to update.

Change the Welding Parameters to your desired settings. Then click the "Save Options" button to display the save options. You'll see one that says, "Save and update library entry". Click it to update the part and library settings.

A green pop up will display to confirm that it was successful and the modal will dismiss.

Updating a Through the Explorer

Navigate to the parts list and select any part.

Click on "Settings" to view the part's settings.

Click the row beneath "Welding Library" where you see the library name if it exists or "Select From Library". This will open the library explorer.

You can search for the library by typing the name or other details into the search bar.

Scroll through the list to find the library you want to update.

Click on the library and you will see some actions displayed. If you are able to edit, you will see "Edit these settings" otherwise you can only view. Click on it to take you to the editor.

Now, edit any of the tags or values that you want to update. The save button should now be enabled. Click it to save and dismiss the modal.

The library should now be updated and will be applied to any parts using it going forward.

If you want to update parts that were previously tied to that library, you will have to go to the parts individually and reapply the library. See [need article to apply library to part].

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