Before striking an arc you might find yourself wanting to step through each point to verify that everything looks good. To do this you can use the Step Mode feature which makes program pause at each point and not proceed until the blue operator button is pressed.


  • The arc will not turn on while in step mode, even if they key is on

  • In order to teach new points, or mass-edit items you will need to exit step mode

  • Certain actions are disabled while the program is playing in step mode

  • When exiting step mode, the current start here position will not be reset

  • All non-motion items in the part will be skipped automatically

Let's get started!

Enabling Step Mode

You can enable step mode by clicking on an item in your part, click Start Here and then select Start Here in Step Mode

Once you have entered step mode, the action bar will change colors to indicate that you are in step mode

Once enabled, the next time you hit play you will see the program pause at each item in your program. The program will not continue until you press the blinking operator button.

Cancelling Step Mode

Click Cancel Step Mode to resume normal execution the next time you hit Play. When cancelling, the start at point will be the same as it was previously so be sure to cancel start here if you need to.

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