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Learn how to use Wait For to insert event dependent pauses in your part

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While playing a part you may want to wait for some event before proceeding to the next step. The Wait For feature provides this ability for operator, input, and time events which you can read about below.

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Adding the Wait For Item

You can add the Wait For item by entering teach mode in a part and selecting the fourth icon in the teach panel (it looks like a finger pressing a button).

You will now see the label "Wait for" with a dropdown for the event to wait on. Select an option and click add to insert the item into the part.

Wait For Operator

If you select the Operator event, the program will pause at this item until an operator presses the blue light button on the robot.

The item in the Flow is depicted below.

Wait For Input

In Wait For Input there are two dropdowns, "Input" and "State". The Input field has a dropdown that allows you to specify which port on the robot cabinet to listen to. The State dropdown represents the type of state to expect (on and off).

Note: To learn about setting up external devices, read this article.

The item in the Flow is depicted below.

Wait For Time

If you select the Time event, you will be able to set a time for the program to wait for in seconds. The default is five seconds.

The item in the Flow is depicted below.

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