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Part Playlist Overview

Learn how to use a Playlist to run parts

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Playlists are a powerful feature that enables you to run parts in the sequence of your choice. This enables simple use cases like running a single part repeatedly or a more advanced use case where you can run multiple parts sequentially.

Note: Modifications to a playlist can only happen when the robot is in a Stopped state.

Let's get started!

Running a single part

When only a single part is on a playlist, each time the program is played it will run the same part.

Here is the execution flow showing what happens each time Play is pressed by the operator

Play -> Part 1

Play -> Part 1

Part 1 will continue playing until you choose to modify your playlist

Running multiple parts

Let's say you have a two table setup and you would like to run a part on the A side while setting up the next part on the B side. Sounds hard, right? With a Playlist it doesn't have to be. We can easily accomplish this by adding more than one part to your playlist.

Example: A side / B side

After hitting play for the first time, the Up Next indicator will move to the next part in the playlist

Here is the execution flow showing what happens each time the operator hits Play

Play -> Part 1 - A Side

Play -> Part 1 - B Side

Play -> Part 1 - A Side

Play -> Part 1 - B Side

Each time Play is pressed it will move to the next part. Once we reach the end it will start back from the top.

Managing a Playlist

Follow the steps below to perform different actions on a playlist

Creating a Playlist

Select a part from the list

Select Create new playlist with this part

Adding Parts to a Playlist

Select a part from the list

Select Add part to existing playlist

Deleting parts from a Playlist

You can remove a part from a playlist on the playlist screen.

Note: This action will not delete the part itself, but only remove it from the playlist.

Select the trash can icon

Confirm you would like to remove the item

Reordering items in a Playlist

To reorder an item, simply long press on the item begin dragging to the new location within the playlist. Your changes are automatically saved once you release the item.

Enhanced Playlist (Pro Plan Only)

Enhanced Playlist on Beacon Pro Plan unlocks even more abilities around your playlist. These abilities include saving/loading playlist and auto playing between each part. To learn more about Pro Plan you can check out this article.

Save a Playlist

Select the Playlist title

Name the playlist and hit Save

Load/Recall a Playlist

Tap the search icon

Select the playlist you would like to load

Auto play between parts

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