You've created a part successfully, added it to a playlist, pressed the play button, but the program doesn't run. This guide will walk you through a fix for this common problem.


The program doesn't start when pressing the play button.


The likely problem is the program on the teach pendant has been modified accidentally.


On the teach pendant, navigate to the Program tab.

If you see yellow items (nodes) under the Robot Program, they need to be removed

For each yellow node, select it and tap the trash can item in the gray bar at the bottom.

After each has been deleted, tap the Save icon (floppy disk) in the top bar.

Then tap Save All to finalize the changes.

Your program should now only contain the welding_scripts.script under BeforeStart and the main() under Robot Program.

The program should now play as expected when pressing the play button.


To prevent this from happening in the future, you can follow this guide to secure your cobot.

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