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Using Stickout to Adjust the Wire Length
Using Stickout to Adjust the Wire Length

Stickout allows the user to adjust the amount of wire sticking out of the contact tip during the weld

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When teaching the system how to perform a weld the robot is reporting back the position of the wire at a point that is 5/8" from the end of the contact tip. If a 5/8" teach tip is used during teaching the point that is taught will be directly in the groove of the weld where the teach tip was located.

To increase the contact tip to workpiece distance, known as CTWD or Stickout, simply us the Stickout adjustment on the weld point. This adjutment allows you to add or subtract up to 10mm (3/8") from the wire sticking out of the contact tip. Positive numbers add wire, negative numbers subtract wire.

Teaching the Weld

The blue dot in the image below is where the actual point will be recorded assuming that the user is using either a 5/8" teach tip or the wire is cut to 5/8" long (default setting in the TCP).

Adjusting the Weld

Once the point has been taught you can use the app to adjust the amount of wire at each point individually or you can adjust the entire part flow using the multi-edit feature.

This would be the impact of changing the Stickout Offset to be 4 (This represents millimeters, -10 to 10 is the range)

Notice that the contact tip is now further from the joint, this is roughly 3/4" of wire stickout.

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