Deleting Organizations

Learn how to delete an organization

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You got invited to a team, but logged in beforehand and ended up creating an organization you don't need. This article will walk you through the process of deleting organizations.


Make sure that you are in the organization you want to delete. You can follow this article to switch organizations.

Let's get started!

Tap on the user avatar in the top left corner to open the side bar.

Select "Adminland" from the menu.

Select "Organization" from the Adminland page.

In the top right you'll see a red trash icon. Tap it.

You will now be prompted to confirm you want to delete the organization. Be absolutely sure this is the organization you want to delete. This action will delete everything in the organization including: users, machines, parts, files, charts, etc. and is final.

If you are certain, type "delete" into the input field and tap "Delete".

All users will be locked out and all the admins will receive an email confirming that the action took place.

Admins will continue to receive emails every two days until the deletion process is complete (up to 7 days).

Users with multiple organizations will still be able to log in to their other organizations. Users with a single organization (the deleted one) will be logged out after attempting to login. After the organization is fully deleted, the previous email may be used to create a new organization if desired.

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