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Multi-Edit Cut Settings

Step by step guide on how to save time with the Beacon multi-edit feature

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Have you ever needed to change your cut settings across multiple cuts in your part? We have you covered with our multi-edit feature. This feature allows you to select one or more cuts from your part and update each with the settings you choose.


  • Only supports cut items

  • Does not allow updating waypoints

  • Does not allow changing the cut type

Read to find out how, or jump to a section with these links.

Select Items to Edit

Select multiple items to perform a multi-edit. Follow these instructions to learn how to select one or more items.

Selecting Cuts

Select one or more cuts

Click the icon for each cut you would like to edit

Select all cuts

If you would like to update all cuts in your part then you can select all cuts by clicking Select All Cuts in the action bar.

Click Change for each field you want to update

Each field has a default value pulled from your part's cut settings.

Resetting a field change

If you made a mistake and don't want to actually change the field then click Reset and the field will no longer be updated

Click Save Options

Once you have updated the values for each field you would like to change then click Save Options.

To edit only the items selected choose Update these items only.

To edit the items and the part defaults select Update items and part defaults.

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