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Changing the Default Safety Settings
Changing the Default Safety Settings

Change Safeguard Reset Input in Default Installation file to eliminate fault on bootup

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If you receive an error after installing any inputs in the Red or Blue inputs you may need to change the safety input settings in the default installation file. When the cobot is shipped from Universal Robots in the default installation file the configurable inputs CI0 and CI1 are defaulted to be used as a safeguard reset. Hirebotics configures these for the Red and Blue input in the application installation file included with the system from Hirebotics. If one of these inputs is on when the robot boots, it can cause a fault during bootup that can be resolved by changing the behavior of these two inputs in the default installation file.

Follow along below to change those settings.

Setting a Safety Password

Before changing any of the safety settings you will need to add a safety password to the system. By default, when the system ships from Hirebotics we do not set this password. Make sure you keep track of the password as we do not have access to this password and so cannot help you recover it.

  1. Click the Hamburger menu in the top right of the screen

  2. Choose Settings

  3. Go to the Password section and choose Safety

  4. Enter the password of your choice

Load the Default Installation

The installation that is loaded whenever you boot up the Cobot will pertain to the application that Cobot has been configured. For instance, a Cobot Welder will load the welding_program installation and the Cobot Cutter will load cutter_program installation. We need to modify the default installation file to resolve the fault that is occurring.

  1. Choose Open -> Installation

  2. Navigate to the root directory

  3. Choose the installation file labeled default

  4. Choose Apply and Restart when prompted

  5. Choose Use for Now when prompted to override the current program installation file

Changing the Safety Settings

  1. On the Installation Tab navigate to Safety -> I/O

  2. Enter the Safety password that was created previously in the lower portion of the screen and press Unlock

  3. On config_in[0], config_in[1] using the drop-down menu choose Unassigned

  4. Press Lock on the bottom of the screen

  5. Choose Apply and Restart

  6. Press Ok on the next popup

  7. Choose Confirm Safety Configuration

  8. Reopen the correct installation file by choosing Open -> Installation

  9. Navigate to the the applications folder until you get to either the welding or cutting program and choose that installation

    1. applications -> com.hirebotics.welding -> welding_program

    2. applications -> com.hirebotics.cutting -> cutting_program

  10. Press Apply and Restart

  11. To test the changes, press the Hamburger Menu and Restart the robot

  12. If there is no error, proceed with standard initialization. If the error persists, check that the safety settings were applied correctly by repeating this section

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