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Adding Sections to a Part

Learn how to break up a large part by adding sections

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When teaching a large part you might want to logically group points within the part so you can more easily manage those points and the larger program overall. This can be accomplished with a feature called Sections.

With sections you will can easily jump to the relevant points in your program, collapse points, copy all points, delete all points, and reorder all points within a section.

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Creating a Section

Create a section by clicking the quick actions on the item preceding where you want to create a section

Editing a Section

When editing a section you can change the name, change the color, or perform mass actions on the section like removing the section or copy/delete all points within a section.

Collapsing/Expanding Section(s)

You have the ability to collapse a single section by pressing the icon on the individual section

Alternatively, you can also collapse all or expand all sections by accessing the selection menu

Jump to Section

In a large program you might want to jump to a section without scrolling through the entire program. You can accomplish this by opening the selection menu and then scrolling down until you find the section you would like to jump to.

Reordering a Section

You can reorder a section like any other point with a few considerations. If the section is collapsed then the section and all points within the section will be moved. If the section is not collapsed then only the section item itself will be moved.

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