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Troubleshooting Networking Issues
Troubleshooting Networking Issues

How to diagnose and resolve networking common issues if your robot is not online

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The Beacon application requires your robot to have a connection to the internet so that you can enjoy all of the benefits of the Beacon platform. Losing your internet connection can be frustrating so we've put together a series of troubleshooting steps so that you can resolve the issue quickly.

Steps to Troubleshoot Online / Offline Issues

Check the Beacon URCap on Your Teach Pendant

Check Beacon's networking status on your robot teach pendant (see screenshot below).

If you see the red network icon as shown below, your robot robot is unable to connect to the Beacon platform. In this scenario, there are a few common things to check.

  • Check network cable - Check the ethernet cable plugged in to the robot control cabinet to make sure it's connected, working, and not damaged.

  • Check the robot time - Make sure the time on the robot is accurate. If it is not then the robot could show offline.

  • Check robot network settings - Check your robot's network settings to verify a valid network connection (learn how to check in our Networking Setup article). Note that a valid network set up does not mean your robot can reach the internet, just that the robot has valid network settings and it is connected to some network. If your robot's networking settings are properly configured and your robot is still not connected to the Beacon platform, contact your IT administrator for further troubleshooting.

Verify Your Connection to the Beacon Platform

If you see the green network icon and the message "Congrats! Your system is setup." your robot is connected to the Beacon platform. πŸŽ‰

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