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Getting Started - Installing Beacon on your Robot
Getting Started - Installing Beacon on your Robot

Initial setup for robot in an organization.

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You have just created your organization and need to set it up. This article will walk you step-by-step the process of connecting your robot.

Let's Get Started!

Download the Beacon URCap

Click here to download the URCap and put it on a flash drive for later.

Connect your robot to the internet

Steps to setup your network can be found here.

Install the URCap

Plug in the flash drive that has the URCap into your robot.

On the teach pendant, open up the menu.

Select Settings.

Tap System.

Tap URCaps.

Tap the plus icon to add a URCap.

Navigate to the location of your flash drive (this should be a usb disk folder under the Programs folder) and select beacon.urcap. Then tap open.

In your Active URCaps, you should now see "Beacon" displayed and an option to Restart. Tap Restart.

Register your robot

On the teach pendant, select the Installation tab then tap URCaps in the left menu.

Tap Beacon and you should see a 6 digit registration code. If not, you might see a message indicating that the robot is not online. Use this troubleshooting guide to determine what the issue with the network is.

From your device - Open up the menu by clicking on the avatar icon.

Select the team you want to add your robot to.

Note: If you don't have a team, see this article for creating one.

Select Robots in the bottom tab bar

Click the add icon.

Give the robot a name and type in the registration code from the URCap then Create Robot

Your robot should now be linked to your organization.

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